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St. Joseph’s Hospital  INPATIENT SERVICES

Acute Care
NPHS has developed a Strategic Business Plan to address the major downward pressure on hospital inpatient utilization which Medicaid and Medicare Managed Care is creating.  The Strategic Business Plan for medical/surgical services identifies steps to bolster the primary care referral base by changing emergency services delivery, strengthening ties to community health centers, increasing referrals from private primary care physicians, broadening the spectrum of specialist physicians and attracting Medicaid and Medicare Managed Care patients.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Detoxification/Rehabilitation Program
NPHS currently operates the largest hospital-level detoxification unit in the City of Philadelphia and will continue to be maintained with services purchased by Community Behavioral Health, the entity that controls all Medicaid behavioral health contracts.  Furthermore, it is in NPHS' Strategic Business Plan to remain as a major provider of drug and alcohol services to the Medicaid population through expansion of its volume and scope of services in residential and outpatient services.

The Detoxification Unit is specifically designed to manage the medical problems of the chemically dependent person.  The Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program offers 24-hour medical and nursing supervision.  In addition, patients attend exercise class, workshops, lectures, meetings, and individual and group therapy.

SJH performed 2,488 surgical procedures in Fiscal Year 1999, including general surgery, orthopedic surgery, endoscopic surgery and ophthalmological surgery.  Of the 2,488 procedures performed, 59% were short procedures cases (SPU’s).  The volume of SPU’s has increased each year for the last several years.  Contrary to national trends of surgical cases moving from inpatient to outpatient venues, inpatient surgical volumes at NPHS have increased slightly.  This is due in part to the recruitment of additional surgeons over the past couple of years.

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