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List of services, info on physicians, plus comments by doctors, nurses, employees & patients.
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St. Joseph’s Hospital  OTHER SERVICES

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Detoxification/Rehabilitation Program
Provides services to adult chemically dependent patients.  Services offered include an inpatient program, counseling, a rehabilitation program and referrals for outpatient programs. 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy provides services used to evaluate rehabilitation potential and treat to restore strength and functional capacity.  Speech pathology services include diagnostic evaluation, and rehabilitation for impairments and cognition, swallowing, speech and/or language disorders.

Provides services including diagnostic imaging, and special procedures.  These special procedures include: needle biopsy, arteriograms, cat scans, nuclear medicine, ultrasound contract services, thallium and stress testing.  MRI’s are scheduled for transportation to other institutions.

Intensive Care Services
Provide acute care services to a high activity clientele.  This includes cardiac monitoring, ventilator, etc.

Social Work Services
These services serve to identify and assist in meeting a patient or resident’s psychosocial and discharge planning needs.  Services include psycho-social support, patient education, advocacy, discharge planning and community relations.

Pastoral Care
Spiritual support is provided to employees and patents.  Services included in Pastoral Care are sacrament of sick, confession, daily administration of Holy Communion and ministering to all patients.

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